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Three generations of hard work combined into the perfect match for your business

From day one, we have looked for new ways to reinvent the status quo. This constant thirst for excellence has led us each step of the way and is still a driving force for our company.

Our Story

We began purchasing real estate throughout the United States in the early 1980s as a passive investment.

Over time, our properties and assets grew in number and we saw that a more hands-on approach was needed.

In 1994, we opened our own property management company, Metro Management, and focused exclusively on managing our properties.

We want to revitalize the industry by bringing what we believe the others in the marketplace had lost—honest communication, care, strong work ethic, and innovation.

As time progressed and our understanding of various Real Estate transactions grew, we found ourselves sharing our experiences with friends and other investors.

What we discovered was a significant gap in the process that left new commercial buyers and sellers struggling to keep up with their own transactions.

From this discovery, a decision was made to create our own brokerage firm, Firma. We believe Commercial Real Estate doesn't have to be intimidating and place our focus on making sure clients understand the transaction.

At Firma, it's ok to be new to the process. We have a steadfast team of professionals who thrive with a sure-footed approach and honest communication.

We're not reinventing the wheel, but we are bringing back the personal connections that make doing business together fun.

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Our team is dedicated and passionate in what they do and are proud of the work done on your behalf. Does that sound like you?

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Our Values

We consistently provide value through creativity, effective solutions, diligence and execution. At Firma, we:


We are focused on protecting and growing your assets. We treat our clients like family and we manage our properties and assets as if they were our own.


We are innovators at the forefront of technology in the industry.


We are committed to achieving the highest returns for our clients and investors, while maximizing capital appreciation.


We cherish good relationships, friendships, commitments and operate with transparency. We hold our employees, vendors, and contractors to the highest standards as we want them to grow within the company, the industry and the community.

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